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It's Back!!!  $3500.00 to $4000.00 rebates are back!!! That's right - The Early Boiler Replacement Program is back and you can recieve a check for either $3500.00 ( for home owners ) or $4000.00 ( for income property owners ) if you have an existing gas fired heating boiler that's at least 30 years old...we'll even help you do the paperwork! Call 508 996 3917 or email us at duffinc@comcast.net to get started.
 Same Day Boiler Replacement / Start Up now available!

We can replace your old inefficient boiler with a money saving high efficiency gas boiler and have the heat back on the same day we disconnect the old one! ...call or email now for details 508 996 3917 or duffinc@comcast.net

High Efficiency Boilers, Big Rebates AND "0" Percent Financing for Seven Years! The Process is Easier Than You Think and WE help You with the Paperwork!!! You can be Heating Your Home or Income Property and Hot Water for a net cost of UNDER $ 80.00 Per Month!!!

GREAT NEWS! "0" percent financing for seven years through the "Mass Save" program is still available...we even help you with the paperwork! Call now for details! 508 996 3917 

Boiler Replacements - Oil to Gas Conversions -Upgrades - Furnace Upgrades - Rebate Qualified Equipment - We do the paperwork for you!
Great New Energy Star Rebates Are Still Available in 2016! For Boilers that make Domestic Hot Water as well as Heat the home - with 90% or greater efficiency rating, the Rebate amount is $1000.00 !!! The Rebate for those with 95% or better is a whopping $1,5000.00! Call for details! There's a 30% tax credit too on system upgrades! ( up to $1500.00! ) duffinc@comcast.net or 508 996 3917
  • Emergency Boiler Replacements - same day installations- many brands/sizes available
  • Gas Piping and Gas Mains, as well as Gas Pipe Testing!
  • Preventative Boiler Maintenance - save your system - save your money!
  • Routine Maintenance helps your system last longer, perform better, and many new systems require it as part of thier warranty compliance.
  • Complete Repair Services and Service Programs Available
  • Emergency Furnace Replacements
  • Equipment Upgrades to help your existing system perform more efficiently
  • Pipe Repair on commercial/residential steam and hot water systems
  • Complete Heating System Installations - Copper Fin Tube - Cast Iron - Free Standing Cast Iron duffinc@comcast.net
  • Oil to Gas Conversions. Steam to Hot Water Conversions - convert your old steam radiators and system to a more efficient hot water system- using the same radiators!
  • High Efficiency Furnaces
  • High Efficiency Hybrid Heat Pump/Electric Hot Water Heaters $1000.00 Rebate Qualified!
  • Direct Vent Boilers and Water Heaters
  • Instantaneous Water Heaters and On Demand hot water heaters
  • Venting Repairs - all vent piping should be routinely inspected for blockage and ware!
  • Makeup Air - now more than ever "make up" air is running short...ask us how, and why! duffinc@comcat.net
  • Boiler Servicing : Gas Boiler Tuneups : Gas Boiler Cleaning. "If you take care of your System, Your System will take care of you! "...have you hugged your boiler today?"
  • Complete Engineering Services to confirm proper sizing of  replacement boilers - write duffinc@comcast.net or call 508 996 3917
  • Boiler / Furnance Replacements
  • Gas Furnace Servicing
  • Complete Heating Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Radiant Heat
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • General Plumbing Repairs
  • Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets
  • PEX Tubing Upgrades
  • Complete Carpentry Service
  • Remodeling Specialists
  • Redesign

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