Master Plumber Lic#: 10254 MA Builders Lic#: CS082644

Welcome to Duff Heating & Plumbing!

If you don't get enough, Call Duff!

Located near the historical Quincy center - and on the South Shore in Fairhaven center.

We're now servicing the Greater Boston and South shore areas, installing Rebate Qualified - High Efficiency Heating Systems and helping our customers with thier Bath Remodel projects, as well as thier other plumbing and heating needs.

Inside you'll find a number of ways we've been able to help our new and repeat customers - and why, when it comes to Plumbing and Heating comfort and satisfaction, our customers say "...if you don't get enough - call DUFF!"

Comming soon :

a) Real Solutions to Real Problems...Real Fast!

Need a new Heating Boiler?

Replacing a Heating System can be an intimidating and expensive process! Often times people don't plan for a Boiler replacement and don't have the money set aside for one! We can help you get a new Rebate Qualified High Efficiency Gas fired Boiler with a "o" % loan for 7 Years! That's about $86.00 per month with no pre-payment fees! Ask us how! duffinc@comcast.net

b) Also - helpful hints to start saving money now!

Buying a new home or investment property?

Buying a new home or investment property is typically the largest purchase most people will make in thier lifetime! Don't let some guy that knows a "little" about a "lot" give you less information than you need to make an informed decision ! duffinc@comcast.net We can help - ask us how.







  • Boiler / Furnance Replacements
  • Gas Furnace Servicing
  • Complete Heating Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Radiant Heat
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • General Plumbing Repairs
  • Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets
  • PEX Tubing Upgrades
  • Complete Carpentry Service
  • Remodeling Specialists
  • Redesign

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